Custom Masquerade Masks

Want something to stand out from the crowd or a personalized mask, branded logo masks or set of masks to make an impression at your event, fundraiser, wedding or party? Chicago Costume offers masquerade mask customization for whatever event you are holding big or small!

Not only do we have a great selection of ready to wear masks, we can also customize masks just for you, your business, a party or special event!

Email us to discuss custom mask order options and pricing.

If you would like a custom quote please fill out our form here

How the Customization Process Works

We do not hand mold the masks here but rather have a set selection of base masks that we can paint, glitter, decoupage, and add feathers/trims/gems too. To check out our base styles check them out here:

See our Base Masks

Once you find the base masks you want to work with email to speak with one of our mask artists about your idea for your mask/masks. 

1.)  How Many Masks Do You Need?

2.)    By what date do you need these masks?

3.)    Do you want a logo or text put onto the mask? (If so please attach a high res copy of the image file to the e-mail)

4.)    Do you want it on a stick to hold or with the traditional ribbon ties?

5.)    Do you want any additional gems/feathers/ or glitter added?

E-mail your request with these questions answered and someone will respond to you within 48 hours. After they get that information they can sketch a mock up to get an idea of what the finished product will look like.

Once payment is received and a design acceptance contract is signed we will begin production on your custom masks!


Production Time

Since all of our customization work is done by hand by our artists we will need the proper amount of time to work on your order, including mock up, quoting, customization and shipping.

 If you want 1-2 custom masks we need at least two weeks advance notice before your due date.

 If you want 2-15 we need at least three weeks advance notice before your due date.

 If you want 15-100 we need at least five weeks notice before your due date.

 If you want 100+ (up to around a thousand) we need at least two months notice.

 If you have a sudden or shorter turnaround time let us know and we can see what we can accomplish in the time given. We cannot guarantee a large amount of masks in less than the time stated above but we can offer alternatives to fit your needs if we cannot manage the order at the given time. Because we do everything by hand and we need the time to make sure the quality is to the best of our ability.


About our Process

We do everything by hand including decoupaging logos and text directly onto masks. We do not print directly onto the masks since our masks vary so greatly in size, shape and texture, but we blend in our special paper with our matte or gloss finish sealant so that masks can be personalized with logos, text, and imagery. This gives the masks a truly unique look and finish you won’t find anywhere else. Every custom mask we make is considered to be a unique piece of art, so there is always some variation from piece to piece, however minute.

 We can also hand paint masks with more freeform designs for a classic look (such as the Tabby Cat mask pictured below).


 Additional Customization Services Offered

 We can also custom dye feathers if we do not have a specific color you want or want to color match something in your costume/outfit. Prices and time vary depending on how many feathers are needed. Ask for more details!


Buying Our Masks in Bulk (Non- Customized)

 We can also help in selecting from the many masks we keep in stock for a specific event to stay within a color scheme, overall look or an event budget. If you are looking to purchase masks in bulk without customization email


Examples of our Custom Masks below, or you can also view our online gallery here