Professional Mascot Costume Creation

Custom Costumes and Mascots

Design/ Construction, Cleaning, Repair and Storage- we do it all! Our sister company Chicago Mascots is a professional mascot costume making company that makes, repairs and updates many of the mascots you know and love!



Chicago Costume and Chicago Mascots has many services such as storage, professional cleaning repair and new construction of mascot heads and bodies and character costumes. Contact us for rates at or find out more at Chicago Mascots

Professional and Sport Team Mascots

Need a mascot costume for your team, event, business or just for fun? Contact us at 

Here are a few of our regular customers! 

Chicago Bulls, Benny the Bull

Chicago Cubs

Chicago Blackhawks, 

Chicago Sky, Skyguy

Lurie Children's Hospital: Santa & Friends

Vienna Beef

Red Eye/Tribune Chicago

We create performer friendly custom mascot costumes!

  What makes a costume "performer friendly"?

  • Vision - We build our mascots to have the maximum amount of vision allowed by the design.
  • Design- Our head designer is a former professional mascot and creates characters with attributes she know will translate well in costume form.

  • Ventilation- Our costumes have vents in the head and mesh in other places to allow heat to escape as much as possible.

  • Lightweight- Our heads are all under 5 pounds, with most being in the 2..5-3.5 pound range. Our costumes are not a painin the neck!

  • Washable- We make our suits bodies to be machine washable (no agitator) and our heads are hand washable. Nothing is worse than smelling a mascot before you see it!


Stock mascot costumes are pre existing designs that can be duplicated for anyone! Because we retain the rights to the designs we're able to offer them at a lower cost. These are great options for schools, businesses, and orgnaizations that don't yet have the budget for a unique custom mascot costume.





We repair and rehab mascot costumes

If your mascot has seen better days, send it to us for repairs. Common repairs include:

  • New helmet-Chinstraps break, metal parts rust, or the helmet just doesn't fit right. We can repair or replace your current internal helmet with one to your liking.

  • New zipper- Zippers break. We'll put in a new one.

  • New hands-Hands wear out the fastest. We can patch them up, or make you a whole new pair.

  • Patching worn out knees- The fur on mascot's knees gets worn out fast. We create a patch of new fur and fix up your suit.

  • Patching mascot shoes- Heels on mascot shoes wear down fast. We add on additional sole materials and help your shoes/feet last longer.

The cost for a mascot repairs varies depending on what needs to be done. Repairs start at $50+




We offer everything you need for a successful mascot program. We can repair and clean your old costume. We make custom outfits and props. We can ship and store your costume, find performers to wear it, train your staff, and we even offer entertainment for your events. 

Contact us today for more information about our Custom or Stock Mascot construction at

*note we do NOT rent or sell a Benny the Bull costume, if you are interested in having Benny visit your party book through