Rental Costumes

We have literally 100,000 unique costume rentals in a variety of sizes!


We have racks upon racks of impressive costume rentals. Whether you want to be an authentic Elvis, Go-Go girl, Cleopatra, Gatsby, Flapper, 1920's Gangster, Roman Warrior, Alice in Wonderland, Mad Hatter, Gorilla, Grizzly Bear, or even a giant Banana, we will find the right fit for you!

Holiday Rentals:  Santa Claus Suits   |  Easter Bunny  |  Mascot and Characters

Theater Costume Rentals: We can also accommodate film and theater productions for longer rental periods as well. If you are looking for a full-show collection for a theatrical production, please visit our partner Broadway Costume in Chicago. They have an extensive plot collection of costumes to rent for over 100+ shows.


   Rental Costumes

Local pickup in Chicago and nationwide delivery available.

Rental costumes can be picked up at either of our two year-round locations (Lincoln Park or Portage Park). We have over 100,000 costumes in stock. Contact us directly, or use the form above to begin exploring our selections!


Contact our Rental Department to learn more about our options, sizing, prices, and availability. 



Prices for individual costume rentals generally cost between $65 to $250, plus tax. We charge an additional $100 security deposit per costume, payable by cash or credit card. We'll also make a copy of your drivers license or state ID for security purposes. If you are looking for a full show collection, please contact us for more details.


How Many Days Can I Keep My Costume Rental?

The costume rental price is based on a one-time rental that can be kept for up to 3 days. If you need a longer rental (perhaps for a film production, the run of a theatrical show, or for out of town travel) please let us know and we can price accordingly!


What If I Return My Costume Late?

A Late Fee of $10 may be assessed per each day late. Please inform our rental department, or we may call you if the costume isn't returned on time.


Is the Customer Responsible for Cleaning Their Costume?

No. We clean costumes in-house between each use. Our rentals are frequently worn to events, parties, and all types of occasions  sweat, spilled alcohol, and minor abrasions are not ideal, but anticipated.


What if I ruin, lose, or set fire to my costume?

Please contact us, and we can assess the value of the damaged piece. If a costume is not returned, we will assume the rental costume has been stolen. In this case, we will charge your credit card for the full value of the costume. The last thing we want, as a family-owned company, is to contact local authorities in order to locate our rentals. Please respect our rentals, as we respect your business!


Looking for a specific costume?

We put together many unique rental costumes for events, meetings, fashion shows, birthday parties, Christmas, Easter, and of course... Halloween! We carry a wide variety of styles, sizes, and can easily arrange special orders to meet your time-frame.


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