7 Valentine's Day Looks You'll Love

7 Valentine's Day Looks You'll Love

Forget the chocolate, forget the flowers, and forget the yearly Hallmark card your grandma sends you every February. If you want to fall in love this Valentine's Day you've got to dress the part. Consider this our comprehensive product guide on how to make sure cupid shows up at your door this year! 

7. Full-Length Angel Wings

Angels aren't just for Christmas trees anymore. These massive full-length angel wings from Underwraps are a serious heart-stopper. Available in white and black.

6. Bow and Arrow

When it comes to Valentine's Day there is nothing more essential than cupid's bow. Now, before you decide to practice archery on your would-be lover, be sure the bow you choose is a toy. Leave the whole "shooting your eye out, kid" for another holiday.  

5. Heart Suspenders

If nerdy-chic is more your style, consider these heart patterned suspenders to woo your valentine. Pair this fun accessory with a simple white or red top and these hearts will practically pop out from your chest. They'll also keep your pants up... no comment. 

4. Valentines Cupid Kit

Fancy yourself a hunk? Humble yourself in this impish adult costume by California Costumes. The red tutu, gold wings, and the iconic bow means there is no mistaking this look -- you are cupid himself! Easy with that arrow. 

3. Love Goddess

Looking for something a little less bold and a little more mythological? The Love Goddess costume is a look that honors the passion of Valentine's Day without the need for bows, arrows, or even red! It's a subtler attraction for a themed event or occasion. 

2. Surgeon

Want to literally win someone's heart? You got it. Pair the surgeon costume with gloves, stage blood, or even a prop syringe, and you've got a humorous take on Valentine's. 

1. Tinman Heart

Cut your losses, kid... it's February 14th... midnight is approaching... and still no Valentine. It's time to join the rest of us in the lonely hearts club. Because if you can't count on Cupid, you could at least count your resting heart rate with this Tinman Heart. Better luck next year. 

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Happy Valentine's Day, love birds!