Cart and Costume Creativity: Our Costume Guide to The CHIditarod Shopping Cart Race

Get ready to roll, Chicagoans!

The CHIditarod, an annual shopping cart race, is set for Saturday March 2nd, and it's time to transform your shopping cart and don the most eye-catching costumes for this one-of-a-kind event. As your go-to destination for all things costume-related, Chicago Costume is here to inspire you with some dazzling ideas that will turn heads and guarantee you a spot on the podium for the Best Costumes. 

Costume Ideas:

  1. Chicago Icons Tribute: Pay homage to the Windy City by dressing up as iconic Chicago personalities or landmarks. Think Michael Jordan, the Chicago Bean, deep-dish pizza, or even the infamous Chicago-style hot dog. If Eagle Man, Chance the Snapper, or the Rat Hole mean anything to you, this may be your category. Get creative with these beloved symbols and let your team's personality shine.

  2. Superhero Squad: Unleash your inner superheroes! Whether it's a Justice League of grocery shoppers or a Marvelous grocery-saving team, dressing up as superheroes adds an exciting and dynamic element to the race. Think Thanos, Superman, the Green Lanternm, and Spider-Man. Capes, masks, and bold colors are a must.

  3. Time-Traveling Team: Take CHIditarod participants on a journey through time by dressing up in costumes from different eras. From roaring '20s flappers to disco divas of the '70s, your team can showcase a diverse range of styles and make a statement that transcends time.

  4. Punny Pairs: Engage your fellow racers with clever puns! Dress up in pairs or groups with costumes that play on words related to shopping, grocery items, or the race itself. For example, a duo dressed as "Shopping Cart-el" or a team portraying "Racing Raisins" will surely stand out.

Cart Decoration Ideas:

  1. Garden Grocery Cart: Transform your cart into a mobile garden with faux flowers, hanging vines, and garden gnomes. This lively and colorful theme will not only catch the eye but also create a vibrant atmosphere as you speed through the course.

  2. Time-Traveling Transport: Decorate your cart to match your chosen era. Hop into your cart dressed like a DeLorean or a TARDIS, and get into another era. Add retro decals, faux wood paneling, or futuristic elements to transport spectators to a different time period. Ensure your cart complements your team's costumes for a cohesive look.

  3. A Nautical Adventure: Dive deep into creativity by turning your shopping cart into a submarine or a treasure chest. Adorn it with fishnets, shells, and underwater creatures. Or go overboard with a tall ship to rally your pirate crew. These oceanic themes are sure to make a splash during the race.

  4. Space Odyssey: Blast off into outer space with a cosmic cart theme. Cover your cart in metallic foil, add twinkling lights, and attach cardboard rockets for an intergalactic look. Bonus points for incorporating alien-themed elements. We are fully stocked with Star Trek, Star Wars, NASA Astronauts, and various intergalactic motifs well-stocked at our store. 

As you gear up for the CHIditarod, let your imagination run wild and create a memorable experience for both participants and spectators. Chicago Costume is here to provide you with the inspiration and resources you need to make a lasting impression. So, grab your costumes, deck out your shopping cart, and get ready to roll into the CHIditarod in style! May the most creative team take home the coveted title of Best Dressed at this iconic Chicago event.