Chic, Sophisticated and Daring: Dressing Up in 1920s Costumes

The roaring twenties was an age of jazz, economic prosperity, and unique fashion sense. It's also a period in time that offers a range of creative ideas for Halloween costumes.

When it comes to Halloween, the more authentic your costume looks, the better. Take a look at our list of the best ideas for realistic 1920s costumes.

A Mob Boss

Mob bosses and gangsters were a real thing in the 1920s. Chalk it up to the rising crime and the prohibition era.

Anyone who's seen Peaky Blinders or Boardwalk Empire knows how cool gangster costumes look. You'll need a 1920s style suit and shiny spat shoes to look the part.

A sleek black wig, sunglasses, and a fake cigar help complete the costume. Many gangsters also wore felt bowler hats or fedoras.

A fake Tommy gun or switchblade comb also makes for a great prop. You can go hands-free with a shoulder holster gun as well.

A Flapper Girl

A flapper is always a popular yet timeless option for a costume idea. It features a glamorous and flirty flapper dress. This costume is perfect for practicing your Charleston dance moves.

Coco Chanel even helped to design this look. The flapper style was born from her creating a garment that made it more comfortable for women to dance.

Flapper dresses come in classic colors, like black and silver. You can also choose from vibrant colors like purple, red, and aqua.

Your flapper costume needs a feather headband, string of pearls, and long satin gloves. Sheer black stockings and pair of heels complete the look.

A fringe feather handbag, black lace fan, and flapper coat are other great accessories. Fringe gloves, feather boas, and garters were also in style. Flappers often wore classic makeup, with a short bob style hairdo that you can get from a wig.

They donned hair jewelry, necklaces, and rings for extra sparkle. You can also add in a long cigarette holder, complete with fake cigarettes. A flapper and gangster duo also makes for a great costume idea for couples.

The Great Gatsby

Haven't you always wanted to dress the part of a dapper gentleman? When Fitzgerald wrote one of the greatest pieces of literature he created such a man. Going as Gatsby, you can use Robert Redford or Leonardo DiCaprio as your inspiration.

The costume consists of a suit, bowtie, and slicked-back hair. 1920s shoes, cufflinks, and a men's Hollywood scarf are other essentials. It's a good idea to keep a martini glass in hand for an extra prop.

Another great couple costume idea is to go as Gatsby and Daisy. Dress up as Daisy with a classy flapper girl costume, short blonde wig, and flapper hat.

Downton Abbey

The hit show Downton Abbey should give you plenty of inspiration for roaring 20s costumes. Dress up as your favorite character with a 1920s themed outfit. This idea is even more fun with a big group to dress up as the Crawley family.

Complete your costume with fine clothes, jewels, and chic hats. The Crawley women also wore heels with bows on them. Get the Tom Branson vibe with a white button-up, slacks, and suspenders.

Other costume accessories include a lace parasol, fur neck wrap, and ladies' turban. Skimmer hats, fedoras, and bowler hats were also popular.

Beachside Betty

A modest-style 1920s swimsuit is another unique costume idea. This look features a tunic with matching bloomers in a red and white striped pattern.

The costume also has a feminine lace trim for added detail. It comes complete with a hat and striped socks. It pairs well with a lace parasol for keeping out the sun's rays.

There is also a men's version of this beachside costume. It features a men's blue and white striped swimsuit in 1920s style.

A Member of a Murder Mystery

The Miss Fischer Murder Mysteries show was set in the 1920s. It's full of fabulous fashion from this era and offers tons of inspiration for dressing up as the murdered victim at a dinner party.

All you need is a 1920s dress, fur coat, metallic turban, and jewels. Be sure to add some blood and gore to make it look like you were murdered.

This look also works for a men's costume. All you need is a 1920s style suit, vintage stick-on mustache, and sleek top hat.

Roaring Twenties Gentleman

This 20s costume offers another option for men. 1920s menswear featured 3-button dress jackets or zoot suits.

Gentlemen also wore stylish bowties, hats, and pin-on carnation flowers. Add a cane and steampunk-style pocketwatch for the full effect.

Working Class Man

Working-class men in the 20s were often blue-collar employees or railroad workers. They wore white button-ups with roaring 20s men's pants.

Many working-class men completed this look with suspenders and a bow-tie. They also wore newsboy hats. This look can also work for another flapper couple costume idea.

Vintage Nurse

Looking for something different than the traditional nurse costumes of the modern age? A vintage-style nurse costume is a unique way to dress up.

The 1920s happened right after the end of the first world war, so the nurse's costumes were much different back then.

They featured a long white dress with a printed cross on it. Women also wore aprons and hats. This costume idea also pairs well with a vintage-style army soldier.

Charlie Chaplin

Charlie Chaplin was an iconic movie star and filmmaker in the 1920s. He's a great example of high-society 20's fashion.

To dress up as Chaplin, you need a fake mustache, bowler hat, and cane. Complete the look with a men's suit coat, bowtie, slacks, and shiny shoes.

The Most Impressive 1920s Costumes

These costume ideas offer an authentic and creative way to relive the roaring 20s. From mob bosses to flapper girls, these costumes are sure to impress when you dress up.

Looking for more unique ideas for this themed costume? Shop the full collection of 1920s costumes for more inspiration.