Green Alternatives for St Patrick's Day

We are in the week leading up to St. Patrick’s Day, which holds a special place here in Chicago. With all the parades and pub crawls, along with dyeing the Chicago River to its signature Kelly Green, you’re going to need multiple days with the signature hue to truly enjoy the festivities our city has to offer. 

But with all the shamrocks and leprechauns, how could you set yourself apart from all the rest of the revelers while avoiding the pinch?

Look no further than here with your friends at Chicago Costume! We have a selection of green costume alternatives that match the particular shade, yet help you stand out from the crowd. 

Here are some ideas from our collection that would set those CHIrish Eyes upon you!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

When looking upon the bright green river, one of our thoughts drift off to four Renaissance-named Turtles that look like they crawled out of it. The technicolor tint inspires dreams of the mutagen ooze that we saw in the cartoon. And with four shellbacks to pick from, the Ninja Turtles are an easy group costume for you and your crew to roam around in. 


Video Game Characters

It's Link's Legend on this holiday as we look toward some of the most famous video game characters that use the signature green color. Accompanying the Legend of Zelda character are fellow Nintendo standouts in Mario's Player Two Luigi and his faithful companion in Yoshi. For a more serious character, Halo's Master Chief brings his armor to the party. All characters are definitely a great way play into the holiday. 


The Green Ranger

Arguably the best Ranger of them all, Tommy Oliver’s verdant look ties both the color of the holiday with the almighty Dragonzord. The most recognizable character in the Power Rangers mythos, the Green Ranger stands out, even in large sea of people in green. 

Comic Book Heroes and Villains 

From the Green Lantern to Poison Ivy, there are a myriad of characters that use green as a signature color. Between the street-level heroism of the Green Hornet, to the Gamma-Powered fury of the Incredible Hulk, draw your inner power with one of these amazing characters. 

Dinosaurs and Dragons!

For those that are a little more animalistic are creatures both primordial and fantastic. From the huge lumbering beasts that existed several millennia ago to mythological beasts that only exist in our collective imaginations, there is a lot of green to go around. 


St. Patrick’s Day is an incredible holiday and as we always like to say, everything is better in costume. And there are many other ideas we have not touched upon that are possible from our shop along with selections from our actual St. Patrick's Day collection. 

We just hope you have a fun time reveling in a set of days that Chicago does very differently. And if you want to add that much more to the excitement, swing by our Montrose of Fullerton locations to get into the Luck of the CHIrish.