New Stuff At The CCC!

 Scream Barbie Scream!

We know you're already embracing the spirit of Halloween, we can feel it in our bones! Let Chicago costume help you get ready by letting us get you into character. 

Barbie captured not only the silver screen but also our hearts, so let's celebrate by jumping into Barbie beautiful pink wardrobe! Though her wardrobe collection is gigantic, we pulled a few outfits that will help you jump into a costume party in style!. Whether it's the iconic Totally Hair look, the adventurous RollerBlading ensemble, or the timeless Cowboy Barbie attire, you're bound to make a stylish statement. With a little bit of left over Kenergy, we've also hand-picked a few outfits for the stylish boy-toy. That way you can either roll through your next costume celebration as a certified Ken or roll up in an awesome duos ensemble!

As the Halloween countdown continues, you want something a little spooky... something a bit scary...? What's my favorite scary movie?  Allow us to indulge in the eerie with a killer collection of Ghost Face masks from Fun World. Ghost Face, immortalized in iconic films like the Scream series and Scary Movie, come in so many styles. From the exclusive 25th Anniversary Ghost Face mask commemorating a quarter-century of frights to the dazzling Ghost Face Bling mask that'll have you slaying on the dance-floor, you'll undoubtedly carve a path to every Halloween festivity with chilling flair.

Stay tuned for more captivating additions as October 31st approaches! From unleashing Mutant Mayhem with the Ninja Turtles to unveiling exciting new items in our makeup selection, Chicago Costume is your ultimate destination to unleash your alter ego. Sign up for our mailing list and keep a keen eye on your inbox for updates on new collections discounts and upcoming events that promise to amplify the thrill of the season.


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