Year In Review: Top 10 Costumes of 2022

Top 10 Costumes of 2022

Say goodbye to 2022! Here at Chicago Costume we're used to following all the trends of makeup, movies, and television. Now, behold this list of the most-searched costumes of the year! From Disco to Michael Myers, our customers know how to dress up.

10. Top Gun

Cruisin' for a costume? With the release of Top Gun: Maverick, our customers came out in droves for bomber jackets, flight suits, and aviator goggles. The need for speed was in high demand.

9. Hippies

Some trends never change. Our store was frequently filled with aspiring hippies, Beatles, and go-go girls. You'd think Woodstock was in town! Not gonna' lie... it was pretty groovy.

8. Michael Myers

When the original Halloween movie was released in 1978 it was an instant horror classic. The film, set in the fictional city of Haddonfield, Illinois, features everyone's favorite pale-faced icon — Michael Myers. Items like kitchen knives, jumpsuits, and the mask itself sold like hot-cakes. 

7. Spider-Man

It's no surprise that Spider-Man, one of the most popular heroes in fiction, made this list. Costumes like the arachnid hero, Spider-Gwen, and even Black Cat wigs were web-slinging their way into our customer's carts. Needless to say, our spidey senses were tingling. 

6. Witch

We assume this look was extra-popular due to the newest Hocus Pocus film, but in all honesty... witches are always a hit! Broomsticks, pointed hats, and even 36 inches of witch hair completed everyone's take on this classic women's costume.

5. Star Wars

Of course, no costume party is complete without someone bringing a Mace Windu lightsaber. Every year, Star Wars consistently captures the imagination of kids, adults, and even your dogs! Did you know: our Montrose location has a life-sized replica of Hans Solo trapped in Carbonite! Stop in today to tell Harrison Ford "I love you".

4. Pirate

Arrrrrrrrrr you surprised? Neither are we! Our pirate section is a long-standing staple of our inventory, and events like "Pirate Week" at the Bristol Renaissance Faire had fair-goers pillaging pirate hats, swords, and sultry one-piece jackets.

3. Batman

Holy Chicago-style hotdog, Batman! Much like Spider-Man, Batman is a widely popular choice for casual costumers and convention-goers alike. With the release of "The Batman" in March, our customers enjoyed dressing as Batgirl, The Riddler, and the caped crusader himself. 

2. Elvis

Whether you chalk it up to the king himself or director Baz Luhrmann, we all saw at least one Elvis at a costume party this year. You liked him in gold, you liked him in sequin, and you definitely liked the hair. All we can say is this: Thank you... thank you very much.

1. Ghostface

Ghostface was the most popular costume of the year, hands down. With the popular Netflix reboot of the Scream franchise, this camp-horror face mask was truly all the rage. Our Ghostface masks are available in several colors and styles. Check them out before they're gone — seriously, they go faster than you can say "Drew Barrymore". 

2023... and beyond!

Did you spot your costume in our Top 10 list? Who knows what next year will bring. Visit both of our year-round locations (4727 W Montrose and 1120 W Fullerton) to keep up with the costume trends of the past, present, and the future.

Happy New Year, Chicago!